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Better Basement


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Permanent Affordable Basement Waterproofing Solutions

We are a local family owned company and we do business the way most people would be comfortable with.  No salesman or pressure and scare tactics, no long and drawn out sales presentations by inexperienced sales people.  I come out to your home right away on your schedule and assess what your unique issues are.  You will only deal with the owner during the quote process and when any work is being done I will be there to make sure everything is done right.  We do one job at a time, we don't run multiple crews and we don't over schedule our jobs.  We will take as much time as you need to make sure you are feeling comfortable understanding why you are having water problems and what the solutions are.                     Thank you for your consideration......Jeff Rumble - owner.


Better Basement Waterproofing offers you options when it comes to waterproofing your basement whenever possible.  We offer affordable low impact basement waterproofing which means we would not need to dig up your yard, landscaping, deck or patio.  We will repair, replace, add and improve your drainage inside the basement and direct the water to a sump pump and then outside and away from your house.  This will eliminate the hydro-static pressure which pushes the water and earth against and through your walls which creates continuing damage to your foundation until it is repaired. So please get in touch and we will come out and give you a FREE consultation and estimate.


Better Basement Waterproofing Services

Exceeding Your Expectations

Water is pushing against your basement walls and once it starts to leak in it will continue to do so and very often it will create cracks and bows in your walls creating structural damage to your home.  Better Basement Waterproofing will stop the problem at the source and and prevent further damage and repair existing damage.

Stop leaks by relieving hydro-static pressure by routing water to a sump pump and out.

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Stop wall from buckling, straighten, seal and add vapor barrier.


Repair, replace or install sump pumps and channel water for removal away from your home.

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Get your basement ready for a finished living space.

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Enjoy peace of mind and know that we stand behind our work.

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Syracuse, NY, USA


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Better Basement Waterproofing     315-263-4210

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About Better Basements

Better Basement Waterproofing offers a free consultation in your home and a written proposal to identify the source of water entry into your home's basement.  We will create an affordable, minimally invasive and permanent solution with a warranty for your peace of mind.

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